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Industrial Wireless

The Naren Solutions Industrial Wireless Solution increases productivity and cost effectiveness through highly scalable wireless networks, allowing mobile workers to access business-critical information anytime,

anywhere in harsh outdoor environments. By reducing the need for grounded cabling or overhead stringing, the N outdoor wireless network infrastructure maximizes the installation flexibility

and minimizes the deployment and maintenance costs.

Application Areas
Oil and Refinery Depots
Gas and Power Plants
Material and Shipping Yards
Loading Bays and Distribution Centers

The Naren Solutions Capabilities & Advantages
Industrial-grade IP68 Weatherproof
Waterproof, dustproof, extreme temperatures, and surge immunity.
Advanced Wireless Mesh Security
Support enterprise-grade security and WEP, AES, or TKIP encryption over WDS links.
Simultaneous Multiple Transmissions
Operate simultaneously in the license-exempt 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands. The 2.4 GHz band is used for local wireless networking whereas the 5 GHz band is utilized for backbone connectivity.
Full Installation Flexibility
Deliver mission-critical applications such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, intra-/Internet access from handheld devices, industrial condition monitoring and tracking.
QoS and Bandwidth Management
Prioritize data and voice packets for traffic optimization. Limit uplink and downlink throughput for bandwidth allocation.
IP and Ethernet Compatibility
Interconnect multi-vendor IP-based network devices such as sensors, IP cameras, and security and control equipments.
Network Reliability and Redundancy
Support redundant wireless links and power supplies

Hotel Internet Services


Naren Solutions brings the most cost-effective, easy-to-deploy Internet access control solution for hotels and resorts with its WHG Secure WLAN Controller series . The handiest feature is to add Internet access

charges to the room bill through billing integration with hotel PMS (Property Management System) such as Micros Fidelio/Opera. Not only can the WHG Controllers manage and bill both

wireless and in-room wired Internet services for properties that have adopted modern IP network infrastructure, but they work for those who only utilize traditional phone lines coupled with DSLAM and DSL modem

equipments to deliver Internet to each room.

With a single account, a hotel guest can log on the Internet in room through a wired Ethernet port or enjoy wireless access throughout the hotel property. solution also enables the guest to

choose the billing option that best fits his/her need. That said, the guest can surf the Internet at every corner of the hotel! At the time of check-out, the guest will receive a single bill with all charges incorporated

including Internet services.

Besides, for those who use external RADIUS to authenticate, the  WHG Controllers can also work with the existing RADIUS server to support central billing. When hotspot venues want to

share the same user account database, the WHG Controllers are capable of running site-to-site VPN tunnels to secure information flows between different locations.

Education - All Wireless Campus

The challenges of WLAN deployment increase significantly for most educational institutions when they have tight budgets and busy IT staffs for making the transition from wired to wireless

Wireless Campus Solution –  WHG WLAN Controllers operating in conjunction with  Access Points enables pervasive indoor and outdoor

wireless coverage and gives flexible, expandable, controllable and manageable Secure Access Services for the entire campus. It allows all types of authenticated users to connect to campus network or internet

resources at chosen times and places. Naren sol solution creates a variety of teaching opportunities in a dynamic “Any Time, Any Place Learning” environment.
















Figure 1: Wi-Fi Campus – A dynamic learning environment

The Naren Solutions Capabilities
Support school’s existing authentication server(s)
Create a campus-wide “single access portal” for the school
Seamless integration of wired and wireless networks with complete indoor and outdoor APs into a central management platform

















Figure 2: Centralized AP management for single building

Naren Solutions “Press-n-Connect” for easy indoor wireless links setup
Implementing Wireless VLANs by enabling “Service Zone” for providing differentiated services policies and supports over users, locations, applications (voice, video and data)
Get controls over P2P and bandwidth-busting behavior
Wireless security and wireless firewall
Enhanced VPN security for Windows-based clients with zero configuration on both local and remote clients’ access over VPN tunnel
Roaming over distributed campuses with central account and policy management
Flexible, scalable and cost-effective to meet school’s budget plan for a quick startup

The Naren Solutions Advantages
All Naren Solutions OWL and EAP outdoor/indoor APs are centrally manageable by Naren Sol WHG WLAN Controllers, allowing the network administrator to gain full control over the entire network

fully-hardened kernel provides multiple configurable operation modes to fulfill the needs of connectivity, stability, flexibility and scalability, bringing the highest service capacity per unit and the smallest footprint for

physical network setup in the field.
All Naren sol outdoor AP devices follow industrial standards 802.11-WiFi technologies with the highest industrial-grade IP68 weather-proof outdoor chassis, and can withstand dust, rain, power surge,

extreme temperatures, and vibrations for prolonged life-time in rugged environment. And, most indoor AP devices follow industrial-grade IP50 in metal chassis that is dust resistant for longer rugged environmental

Shorten deployment time with easy-to-install/configure/maintain devices and well pre-integrated management platform.
Efficient bandwidth delivery on each link where bandwidth management guaranties the performance and quality of services (QoS) to support voice/video/data converge applications.
The Naren Solutions solution for Campus-WiFi Security supports all 802.11 Wi-Fi standards-based security protections over wireless links by WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1X and 802.11i, and

TKIP/CCMP/AES encryption over WDS links.
With embedded Zone Firewall and Wireless Firewall, it can filter out unauthorized traffics and un-wanted accessing attempts for a clean cyber space.The Naren sol Advantages

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