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We, Naren Solutions,

take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the most leading security Systems & Internet Solutions in our country. We have already crossed an installation base of 1800 coverings in public and private sectors.


Thus we have got 10 years of experience and secured a unique place in the field of security.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television ) is a composition of Video cameras and Monitoring Device. This system is well suitable to each and every industry, production units, Hospitals, Service Centres as well as educational


institutions which need monitory. Video Cameras will be installed in strategic key positions in the Administrative/Security areas and the cameras are linked to the Monitor which will be placed in the Centralised

executive chamber for observing and analyging the activity.

Our firm has been a slow and steady growth, we have carried with our human assets, satisfied customers, permanent suppliers and dealers and channel members interlinked by a strong bandage.

The best service after installation is not mere duty for us – it is the very air we breath..

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